Massage Therapy

Thermal puncture or JI-therapy (Warming up)
Eastern peoples have a legend about a certain point of Zu-san, which is responsible for health and longevity. Once upon a time, a peasant inherited an amazing inheritance from his…

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How does massage affect the human body
During the massage, the innate sources of vital energy are renewed. This is especially important in the modern world, where stress is the root cause of many serious physical and…

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About the features of hardware massage
About the features of hardware massage (annex to the training course "The basics of classical (manual) massage") Massage using devices is an additional tool for manual (manual) massage. It partially…

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Thermal puncture or JI-therapy (Warming up)

Eastern peoples have a legend about a certain point of Zu-san, which is responsible for health and longevity. Once upon a time, a peasant inherited an amazing inheritance from his parents. These were not fabulous treasures and not a beautiful castle. Parents conveyed unusual knowledge to their son; they revealed to their son the secret of the point of Zu-san-li. The secret was that if you correctly act on this point and cauterize in a special way, then you can live a very long life without knowing the disease. This person clearly followed the advice of his parents and took great care of his point of Zu-san-li, so he was able to live a very long life and survived the change of many rulers.

And today, this point is considered miraculous. Therefore, all people who are not indifferent to the state of their health perform cauterization and massage this point. A special method of treatment is cauterization with wormwood cigars, which affect bioactive points in the body. Usually this treatment method is used as an adjunct to acupuncture Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions About Thai Massage

The sensations of Thai massage are completely different. If during the classic massage work is done with the muscles, then Thai massage affects the joints and biologically active points and energy channels. Thanks to this, the person relaxes, the deep clamps are removed, the tension goes away.
In Thai massage, attention is paid to the whole body – from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head.
Immediately after the session, you will feel drowsiness and pleasant relaxation, and after a few hours – an amazing burst of energy.

Why is Thai massage done in clothes?
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Massage during pregnancy – valid or not

In everyday communication, the possibility of massage for expectant mothers is discussed from the neutral opinion of “possible, if carefully” to categorical “mandatory” and “unacceptable”. In the ranks of professionals in this field there is also no unanimous opinion. Some believe that massage relaxes and helps prepare the female body for the act of childbearing. Others prefer to consider this a risky procedure.

In any case, the decision on the appointment of massage is made only by the doctor. It is impossible to independently evaluate which massage course is necessary, taking into account the permissible zones of the body and the intensity of the procedure. Pregnant women are not allowed to prescribe a massage. Continue reading

Pain after massage: Is it worth worrying?

In the predominant part of citizens, the end of the massage procedure is associated with improving the state and mood, gaining a positive energy charge and getting rid of pain, the emergence of a feeling of freedom, relaxation and self-confidence.

People experiencing pain after a massage have a feeling of deep disappointment due to their moral unpreparedness for such a scenario. In some cases, the discomforting effects can be limited to strange sensations. Continue reading

Osho about massage from the book “From medicine to meditation”

… Massage is the language of love, it is a synonym for love. Massage is one of the most subtle arts on earth, it is something that you can study and study all your life. This is one of the most magnificent things to learn. And this is not a matter of qualification, it is a matter of love.

A technique exists only to forget about it.

Just follow your feelings, trust your feelings, listen to your heart. When you master the massage, you will understand that ninety percent of the work is done by love. Just one touch, a touch of love – as in the body, suddenly, something relaxes. Continue reading

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