Intervertebral or, as it is also called, intervertebral hernia (usually both definitions are used) is an unpleasant problem that is very poisonous to life. Since such a hernia always occurs…

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Aroma oils for Thai massage
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Thai massage basics
Thai massage is the oldest method of traditional Thai medicine. All of his techniques are a combination of pressure, stretching and twisting, that is, a complex system of action on…

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Balinese massage

Bali is an amazing and simply heavenly place on Earth. It is filled with special magnetism and attracts people from all over the world. It’s all about that atmosphere of magic of love, which is filled with Bali. This is a fairy tale that I want to return to again.

It is incredible how much this island combines in itself, how many cultures have left their mark here. And it affected everything, including healing techniques. Already many have been able to experience the famous Balinese massage, combining several massage and therapeutic techniques of the East. And truly, this is a real gem among all types of massages.

You can talk a lot about the benefits of massages for a long time. They all take their roots from the time when people discovered the amazing healing power of touch. By acting on certain points on the body, there was contact with the internal organs of a person, and due to massage and energy of the hands, an improvement in health occurred.

With the help of massage, the internal blocks that interfered with the natural passage of energy in the human body, causing certain diseases, were removed. There was a change in the mental state, getting rid of stress, depression, negative emotions.

Gradually, new techniques appeared due to the different effects of hands on the body, the use of oils, aromatherapy, additional tools (needles, scrapers, stones, etc.). In some types of massage, much attention was paid to Eastern philosophy, the knowledge of which is used to help people achieve enlightenment, the awakening of the Kundalini energy.

Balinese massage has incorporated all the best of these techniques and added the most important component to them – love. And this became his main exclusive feature, thanks to which he became very popular.

And recently, this massage has appeared and has taken root well in Russia. It offers a variety of massage and spa. He is a cross between the classic Russian and Thai. As in Thai, there is a point effect on the body and this is combined with the intense movements of classical Russian and Chinese massage. It uses special oils for massage.

The massage always starts with the foot and then the movements are directed to the body, and then comes back. Massage is done with thumbs and palms and includes many elements: patting, stretching, stroking, pressing. And all this causes an incredibly pleasant sensation throughout the body, due to which maximum relaxation is achieved. Patients often even fall asleep during the procedure, so they feel comfortable.

Massaging the body along the energy meridians, the massage therapist releases blocked energy, relieves general stress.

Balinese massage is an excellent tool for relieving muscle tension, reducing stress, balancing the body, gaining peace of mind and balance.

Balinese massage helps in the fight against headaches, migraines, sleep disorders, relieving muscle pains, allergies, asthma, in the treatment of fractures, radiculitis, chronic heart failure, stomach and duodenal ulcers, osteochondrosis and a number of other diseases.

Balinese massage tones the muscles, filling the person with great energy, saturates the body with oxygen and is suitable for all people who care about their health and well-being. After him, the patients feel completely updated.

Balinese massage is a real gift for your body, a manifestation of self-love, because it is performed with a feeling of love, which is transmitted from the masseur to the person during the session. He leaves no one indifferent and helps to achieve harmony and balance in life.

Balinese massage, unlike other types of exposure (Hawaiian, Thai, Samurai), involves the maximum contact of the massage therapist with the skin of the client. Cosmetics – oils and balms applied to the skin during the session, have an additional effect. They have a calming, therapeutic effect, enhance the effect and wake up dormant reserves in the body.

The composition of the balms may include spices, milk, honey, extracts of algae, herbs, roots, black rice, peanuts, as well as particles of minerals. Each master has his own recipes of essences and oils, which he uses to solve certain problems of the client. As a result, Balinese massage affects the body strongly and fruitfully:

It helps to recover well from sports injuries, sprains, and joint pains;
allows you to get rid of headaches, depression and stress;
removes negative energy and raises the general tone of the body.
Specialist pays special attention to all problem areas of the body. Starting from the arms and legs, the massage therapist gradually moves to the body, and then returns to the limbs. Then everything repeats symmetrically on the second half of the body.

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