Thai massage basics
Thai massage is the oldest method of traditional Thai medicine. All of his techniques are a combination of pressure, stretching and twisting, that is, a complex system of action on…

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Shiatsu is a unique technique that emerged before the advent of Chinese acupuncture, the name of which is deciphered as follows: "shi" - fingers, "atsu" - pressure. The founder of…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thai Massage
The sensations of Thai massage are completely different. If during the classic massage work is done with the muscles, then Thai massage affects the joints and biologically active points and…

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Kobido Face Massage

Since ancient times, women have been worried about the preservation of youth and beauty. Especially age-related changes are reflected on the face: wrinkles, aging skin, swelling. Japanese women are considered a model of perfect skin, because it is their faces that remain perfectly smooth and radiant until old age.

What is the secret of perfection?
There are many versions in this regard – both genetics, and a diet rich in seafood, and ecology. The Japanese themselves confirm these versions, claiming that beauty is based primarily on health. Therefore, a significant role is played by oriental practices known for their effectiveness. One of the ways to achieve an amazing result is considered the imperial facial massage Kobido.

The story of Kobido
According to the chronicles of 1472, the empress preferred Kobido massage in her cosmetic procedures, noting its extraordinary effectiveness. Following her, the court ladies became interested in the procedure, and in the end the technique gained widespread popularity.

By the end of the 20th century, the practice of Kobido came to the West thanks to the founder of the school of oriental massage Shogo Mashizuki and his student Vilan Kogan, who continued to spread the unique technique.

Today, this procedure is one of the most popular in Japanese spas.

The ancient way of beauty
An important feature of oriental practices is the dependence of physical health on the emotional state. Therefore, during the massage, close attention is paid to the strength of energy flows. To balance the emotional and physical state helps harmonize the flow of vital energy Chi (Ki). This helps to achieve the desired result.

In the area of ​​the face are the most important energy meridians and points where energy from one meridian flows to another. Kobido is based on the concepts of ancient diagnostic medicine, such as Anma and acupuncture, working with the meridians of the face and tsubo (acupressure points). The combination of shiatsu techniques with facial nerve stimulation techniques improves microcirculation and lymphatic drainage in the face, activates the distribution of nutrients in tissues, and effectively removes decay products and dead cells. Special techniques relieve tension, remove energy blocks, improve blood circulation.

Another important feature of technology is the emphasis on exposure areas. The Kobido technique involves working with both the upper skin, and with the subcutaneous muscles and blood vessels through a special technique for using the hands and fingers: the movements are light, and the shock techniques are combined with deep rubbing and pressing.

Massage takes place in 3 stages:

cleaning (removal of makeup, steaming the skin to facilitate the disposal of impurities, cleaning with special tools);
moisturizing (applying massage products based on natural oils);
stimulation of meridians through which the state of the whole organism is normalized.
It is customary to start Kobido with a light massage of the neck, which stimulates blood circulation in the neck area and head and leads to relaxation. Then the masseur moves to the face and, acting on the tsubo points with different intensities, achieves harmonization of energy flows and normalization of the emotional state. At the stage of stroking the scalp, the circulation is adjusted and fixed at the desired energy level. A light massage of the arms and legs completes the session.

Indications for use of Kobido massage are:

sagging skin
dry or oily skin
It is important to remember that, like any cosmetic procedure, massage has some contraindications: infectious skin diseases, injuries or operations on the face and neck (including various injections), the first trimester of pregnancy.

The main value of Kobido massage, as well as other oriental techniques, is not only in eliminating age-related skin changes, but also in their prevention. In general, the procedure contributes to:

improving the circulation of energy flows;
tightening the skin, increasing its elasticity;
prevention and elimination of wrinkles;
removal of acne and age spots;
elimination of puffiness;
improving complexion;
general improvement of the body;
deep relaxation of the whole body.
The first results from the use of massage become noticeable after one session, however, 10-12 procedures are necessary to obtain a lasting effect.

Japanese massage Kobido is a wonderful and very pleasant way to preserve youth and beauty, maintain health and acquire inner harmony and balance.

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