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About the features of hardware massage
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Contraindications for massage
Absolute contraindications: - Malignant blood diseases and hemophilia. - Malignant tumors (before their radical treatment). - Scurvy. - Gangrene. - Vascular thrombosis during its occurrence. - Angiitis. - Aneurysm of…

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Vacuum massage

Vacuum massage is an effective cosmetic and therapeutic procedure. It is carried out using a special apparatus or vacuum cans. With the help of a rubber bulb, a pump or fire (in conventional medical jars), air is drawn from the container, as a result of which it is tightly attracted to the skin and soft tissues are partially drawn into the container.
Such a procedure has a multilateral effect:
• metabolism and blood circulation are activated,
• tissues are saturated with oxygen,
• relaxed spasmodic muscles,
• fat cells are destroyed.
Vacuum massage is carried out only through a contact medium: massage or liquid paraffin, in which various essential oils and lipoactive components with healing properties can be added. The standard duration of the procedure is 20 minutes. So that the procedure is not painful and there are no bruises after it, it is recommended to preheat the skin by stroking and kneading hands.
The nozzle for the device and cans come in different sizes. To enhance the effectiveness of the procedure, they can be equipped with special magnetic rollers.

Vacuum massage in cosmetology
Vacuum massage is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. It is used to treat cellulite and make skin look healthy. The procedure has a lifting effect, tones the muscles, makes the skin supple, removes stretch marks, resolves scars. The massage course allows you to adjust the contours of the body, significantly reduce the manifestation of cosmetic imperfections, improve skin color.

It’s no news to anyone that most of today’s health problems stem from a lack of movement. Fortunately, it is in our power to prevent the final physical degradation of humanity. And for this it is not required to introduce any exclusive technologies into life – it is quite enough to artificially improve blood circulation and saturate the body’s tissues with oxygen. And vacuum therapy will help us with this.

It is believed that vacuum massage was invented in ancient China. Scientists believe that it was the Chinese who, from time immemorial, were the first to resort to placing porcelain cans on the patient’s body, believing that with their help any disease could be “pulled” out of the body. However, it is unlikely that only this people should be considered the ruler of a monopoly on this therapeutic method. Clay and glass vessels for healing sores and ailments were used by both Greeks and Romans, and Arabs with our Slav ancestors.

Researchers have proven that the therapeutic effect of vacuum massage is due to the fact that it stimulates increased circulation in certain acupuncture points. Due to this, the microcirculation of blood and lymph is normalized, and the general metabolism improves. In parallel, the body is cleansed of toxins and the removal of harmful “waste” from the body. Also in the zone of canning, special active substances are formed – enzymes that stimulate an increase in immunity.

As a result of this procedure, unusual warmth and slight drowsiness are felt, extraordinary muscle relaxation is felt, and neuralgic pain passes without a trace. If earlier the use of cans suggested the occurrence of local discomfort during the procedure and the appearance of bruises after it was over, then modern therapeutic methods suggest the absence of any negative bodily feelings during the session.

Down with cellulite!
Today, vacuum massage is recommended for a number of diseases. Among them are osteochondrosis, bronchial asthma, various neuralgia. As a rule, banks are used in combination with other reflexotherapy methods – such as acupuncture, auriculotherapy, moxotherapy. This provides a comprehensive therapeutic effect and makes it possible to approach the issue of solving health problems more globally.

Also currently, vacuum massage is widely used for anti-cellulite purposes. Due to the use of cans, there is an active burning of fat and smoothing of the subcutaneous lipid layer – which leads to weight loss and cleansing the body of toxins. The overall elasticity of the skin also increases, scars disappear. An additional healing effect is that in parallel there is a destruction of certain pathological fat formations.

Before a vacuum massage session, the patient’s skin is lubricated with a special ointment or massage cream – this makes it easier to suck cans. The setting of cans on the area of ​​the kidneys, heart, or mammary glands is unacceptable – this can cause negative consequences for the body. But if you carry out the procedure correctly, the old pains go away, and a magical sensation of lightness appears in the body – and this is a sure sign that the vacuum massage was a success and the original feeling of freedom has returned to your body.

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