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Thai massage styles

Traditional Thai massage is completely different from the Swedish or classical massage, the most common in the West. If there the doctor sends the patient to a specialist, then the procedure lasts no more than 15 minutes and massage actions are aimed at warming up the muscles, which leads to physical relaxation. No, of course, such a massage in a modern world filled with stress is very good, but this is not a Thai massage.

In Thai massage, very little space is given to relaxation, since the main effect is focused on the energy, not the physical body. There is no muscle warming in the Thai massage system as such, however there are stretching exercises called hatha yoga. In fact, the phrase Thai massage can be pronounced like yoga massage and it will be not far from the truth.

Chiropractic – physiotherapy and manual therapy, which has circulation in the West, is much closer to the Thai system than classical massage. However, this system completely ignores energy points and energy flows, since the theoretical basis of these types of massage is based on the anatomical structure of a person. If you look for the type of massage that is closest to the Thai massage yoga system, then this is reflexology, where the effect is on the energy points.

Yoga massage is an art that gives pleasure not only to the patient, but also to the massage therapist.

The purpose of the massage is to bring the body to the correct distribution of energy, the influx of vitality and the achievement of deep relaxation in the shortest possible time.

Thai massage schools:

To date, two types of Thai massage are distinguished: northern and southern. In Thailand itself I call them royal style and rural style.

Southern style instruction is provided in Bangkok at Wat Po Temple. This type of massage is based on deep acupuncture, and the massage procedure is performed with the patient lying down and begins with the legs. To squeeze energy channels, massage therapists use the palms of the fingertips, which may seem somewhat painful, but the most energetic and intense effect. If the northern technique involves the beginning of manipulations from the abdomen, then the southern style begins with massaging the legs. It is the feet that receive particular attention, since Thais believe that it is here

main energy flows that affect the upper half of the body. Using twisting, pressing and soft stretching, the massage therapist moves from the legs to the stomach, chest and head of the patient, moving to the back. Along with this, an impact is made on the energy lines and points of the patient.

Northern style training is provided in the northern part of the country in Chiang Mai province. A lot of educational institutions work in this region, but the International Institute of Thai Massage is the main one. Northern massage style is the most common. The patient is lying on his stomach, on a mat spread on the floor. Northern style is considered less painful and softer. In this style, pushing energy channels with your fingers is replaced by a soft touch of the palms. In addition, pressure is widely used by the knees, feet and elbows.

The traditional Thai massage “Nuad Bo Ran” has perhaps the longest history of therapeutic effects and has about 100 positions that are performed in the body position: lying on your back, lying on your stomach, on your side and sitting. The choice of position is determined based on the preferences of the client.

Thai massage is an ideal means of relaxation and none of the existing types of massage can be compared with it.

Surely everyone, at least once in my life, heard about Thai massage, about its effectiveness and benefits. However, the history of massage, how, where and when it appeared, is difficult to say. If you look back centuries, the roots of massage will not be found in Thailand, however strange it may be, but in India. Numerous legends say that the progenitor of massage was none other than Zhivaka Kumar Bhakka, an Indian doctor, a contemporary of Buddha. According to historical data, Zhivaka practiced about 2.5 thousand years ago and was the personal doctor of one of the kings.

Ancient massage history books that only circulated in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Burma, and Thailand also mentioned that Zhivaka was a friend of Buddha. In addition, the healer was considered not only the progenitor of massage, but was also an excellent connoisseur of minerals and herbs. For the Thai people, Zhivaka is a deity whose name is “father healer.” Special ceremonies are held in his honor, during which a special prayer is read in the ancient Pali language.

However, despite speculations and legends, the history of massage and its origin remains a mystery that hardly anyone will be able to solve. The history, however, suggests that Zhivaki’s teaching in Thailand appeared at the same time as Buddhism, and it is not known whether any forms of massage existed in this region. In the same way as it is unknown how Chinese medicine influenced the theory of Thai massage – acupuncture and acupressure.

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