Contraindications for massage
Absolute contraindications: - Malignant blood diseases and hemophilia. - Malignant tumors (before their radical treatment). - Scurvy. - Gangrene. - Vascular thrombosis during its occurrence. - Angiitis. - Aneurysm of…

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SEN Energy Lines in Thai Massage
First of all, I want to explain what Sen Sib means. In total, Thai medicine has 72,000 energy channels. They permeate every cell of the body, supplying the body with…

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How to maintain health after 30
The topic of the article was not chosen by chance; today the disease of the musculoskeletal system is a rather relevant topic. The article is intended for a wide range…

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SEN Energy Lines in Thai Massage

First of all, I want to explain what Sen Sib means. In total, Thai medicine has 72,000 energy channels.

They permeate every cell of the body, supplying the body with vital energy. The main ones targeted at Thai massage are 10. “Sen” – means “line”. “Sib” is ten. It turns out Sen Sib – 10 lines.

Energy lines cannot be detected anatomically. However, it has been empirically observed that acupressure (punching) of these lines gives a therapeutic effect.

Different schools interpret Sep 10 differently. There are scientific volumes stored in Bangkok at Wat Po, where two of them are described in detail – a description created under King Rama II and King Rama V. They are not very different.

For example, lines start from the navel, or nearby. Some minor differences are also present in the line trajectory. But they are alike. So keep in mind that there are several versions.

Sen Suman

The energy line of Sen Suman begins in the navel, passes through the solar plexus, chest and throat, and ends at the tip of the tongue.

The main violation in this line is associated with a violation or a decrease in taste.

Additional symptoms:

Abdominal pain
Chest pain
Digestive system diseases
Ear diseases
Diaphragm spasm
Sore throat.
Saint Itta and Saint Pingala

The energy line of Saint Itt begins in the navel and descends diagonally to the left of the pubic bone to the beginning of the third internal line to the knee, bends around it in front and goes outside, then rises along 3 external lines, heading towards the center of the buttock.

It passes along the sacrum and then goes along the first line parallel to the spine. Then it passes along the left side of the neck, to the left of the center line of the skull, passes through the face, ending on the left nostril.

Saint Pingala Energy Line – likewise, on the right side.

The main violation is everything related to the nose: nosebleeds, runny nose, shortness of breath, sinusitis.


Abdominal pain
Back pain and fever
Urinary tract diseases
Pain in the eyes
Intestinal diseases
Knee pain
Sore throat
Saint Calatari

The energy line of Saint Calatari begins in the navel area and is divided into four parts, runs only along the front of the body. Two lines go up symmetrically: through the nipples, the line goes to the shoulder, passes the outer edge of the clavicle, descends along the second line (pericardial canal), reaches the wrist, and then splits into five lines going to the tips of all fingers.

The other two lines pass through the lower down abdomen to the beginning of the second internal line, reach the ankle, go to the foot and are divided, divided into five parts, going to all 5 toes.

Disorders: joint diseases.

Additional symptoms:

Angina pectoris
Arthritis of the fingers and toes
Cardiac arrhythmia
Chest pain
Gastrointestinal diseases
Knee pain
Pain in arms and legs
Paralysis of the legs and arms
Rheumatic heart disease
Various mental illnesses and mental disorders
Saint Lawsang and Saint Ulang

The line of Saint Lavusang (Lousang) from the navel goes to the left nipple, then to the junction of the clavicle and sternum, runs behind the sternocleidomastoid muscle to the point under the earlobe, bypasses the ear along the back of the head, and ends at the point of the temporomandibular the joint. Sen Uganga (Ulanga) – similarly on the right side of the body.

Violations: all diseases of the ear – deafness, otitis media, etc.


Chest pain
Facial paralysis
Gastrointestinal diseases
Sore throat

Sen Sahatsaranji begins in the navel area, runs along the lower abdomen and leaves the legs along the first inner line of the thigh and lower leg, reaches the ankle, passes to the first outer line of the leg. At the inguinal fold, it turns to the outside, passes along the left side of the abdomen, then passes through the left nipple, passes through the point of the inner edge of the clavicle, rises in front of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, passes through the left side of the chin, the left corner of the mouth, the middle of the cheek and ends at the left eye.

Saint Tavari

The energy line of Saint Tavari is similar, but on the right side.

Main disorders: all eye diseases: redness and inflammation, tearing, dry gas, catacarta.


Arthritis of the knee
Chest pain
Genitourinary system diseases
Facial paralysis
Gastrointestinal diseases
Leg paralysis
Affective insanity
Numbness of the lower extremities,
Sore throat
Saint Nantakavat and Saint Kittsha

Sen Nantakavat starts from the navel and immediately divides into two parallel branches, each of which goes to the organs of excretion.

In the presence of diseases, Thai medicine determines the line in which the violation occurred. Working with this line, the therapist not only aligns the condition with the underlying disease, but also with the additional one.

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