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Pain after massage: Is it worth worrying?

In the predominant part of citizens, the end of the massage procedure is associated with improving the state and mood, gaining a positive energy charge and getting rid of pain, the emergence of a feeling of freedom, relaxation and self-confidence.

People experiencing pain after a massage have a feeling of deep disappointment due to their moral unpreparedness for such a scenario. In some cases, the discomforting effects can be limited to strange sensations.

Norm Options
The cases of the occurrence of pain observed after massage can be conditionally divided into several categories:

The first group included non-athletic citizens with atrophied muscles, whose mobility is characterized by limited mobility. In such cases, pain after massage is due to an elementary load on the muscles that have been worked out. It is no coincidence that massage is called sport for the lazy.
The second group includes opposite situations. It includes people with an active lifestyle, allocating time for sports, or people holding vacancies associated with physical labor. Such citizens tend to face muscle pain and tension. Facilitation of the situation is facilitated by the massage therapist applying more pressure in order to stretch and relax tense muscles.
The third group is represented by cases of excessive zeal shown by the masseur. The level of pain threshold in people is different. As a result of this, it is advisable to contact a specialist taking this circumstance into account. Partly in the occurrence of such situations, the patients themselves are guilty. They do not realize the importance of confidential communication with a massage therapist, implying a description of the feelings experienced during the session.

Also, one should not forget that the actions intensively carried out by a specialist should not be accompanied by soreness. It is necessary to inform the massage therapist about the presence of pain as early as possible. Tolerate pain is not worth it due to its unproductive. The painful feelings experienced during the session are fraught with the appearance of soreness at the end of the procedure. Muscles under these conditions cannot fully relax, which explains the observed effect.

Panic and frustration ahead of time should not be. As a rule, painful sensations disappear or significantly weaken after 24-72 hours (regardless of the cause of their appearance).

The essence of the mechanism of pain
The pain that does not subside at the end of the massage can excite, disturb and upset some patients. It is important to understand that it cannot be regarded as a serious cause for concern.

The effect of the massage can be compared with intensive sports aimed at working out the muscles through their stretching and contraction. A similar picture is observed during the massage, with the only difference being that the hands of an experienced professional are responsible for carrying out various manipulations. As a result, during the procedure, increased circulation in the problem areas is recorded.

In the case of tension and spasm of a certain muscle group, the process of shifting the functions assigned to it to nearby muscles starts, which contributes to the disruption of the functioning of the entire system as a whole. During the session, the specialist seeks to lengthen and stretch the muscle group in need of such actions, as well as relax them. At the development stage, the likelihood of microscopic injuries is possible, which entails an increase in blood flow and triggers the healing function. The listed reasons can provoke a slight discomfort experienced the next morning.

Useful Tips
The presence of intense muscle pain obliges the patient to contact the massage therapist who performed the procedure in order to prevent the possibility of similar situations in the future. This approach will allow the specialist to reduce the intensity of the manipulations already in the next session. In such situations, a gradual increase in the applied force is welcomed, thanks to which the body manages to adapt to increasing loads during an optimally selected number of visits.

The likelihood of unconscious tension of the problematic muscles during the massage, due to the expectation of the occurrence of pain, is not excluded. The risk of pain at the end of the procedure increases several times. In this regard, it is advisable to listen to the request of the masseur and try to relax the tense muscle group, thereby contributing to an increase in the therapeutic effect.

The following are tips whose implementation guarantees the reduction of discomfort on the following day:

Try not to forget about the need to consume a sufficient amount of water both before and after the massage procedure. Hydrated muscles are more flexible.

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