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Massage during pregnancy – valid or not

In everyday communication, the possibility of massage for expectant mothers is discussed from the neutral opinion of “possible, if carefully” to categorical “mandatory” and “unacceptable”. In the ranks of professionals in this field there is also no unanimous opinion. Some believe that massage relaxes and helps prepare the female body for the act of childbearing. Others prefer to consider this a risky procedure.

In any case, the decision on the appointment of massage is made only by the doctor. It is impossible to independently evaluate which massage course is necessary, taking into account the permissible zones of the body and the intensity of the procedure. Pregnant women are not allowed to prescribe a massage.

Indications for massage during pregnancy are:
The occurrence of edema.
Inadequate blood circulation.
Problems with adaptation of the spine to pregnancy.
Pain in the lumbar.
Accumulated physical and psychological fatigue (stress).
What is the difference between the usual procedure and massage for expectant mothers?
Both types of massage have a positive effect in the form of increased blood flow, muscle relaxation and tidying up the nervous system.

The difference between massage for pregnant women from the usual procedure is that …

Explosive and powerful limb movements are not allowed. Hands should move smoothly and naturally.
Exposure to the stomach is not allowed. Rest of the body can also be restricted by a specialist.
For the safety of the unborn child, during the massage procedure, the woman should take a comfortable pose.
The psycho-emotional attitude of the future mother and her health at the time of the procedure should be taken into account.
Massage for expectant mothers – benefits, types and positive effects

Undoubtedly, massage for pregnant women brings a positive and healing effect, but only if performed by a specialist

As an example, this procedure …

Relieves stress on the nervous system, calms, relaxes, tunes in a positive attitude.
Helps increase blood flow.
Allows you to forget about problems with the back and lower back.
After massage in pregnant women, muscle relaxation occurs, tightness goes away.
Massage is an excellent prevention against the occurrence of stretch marks. The likelihood of swelling is reduced.
If there is varicose veins, an improvement is observed after massage.
Types of massage acceptable for a future woman in labor

In order to avoid miscarriage – up to a period of 4 months, massage for pregnant women is unacceptable.

Gentle caressing stroking movements are allowed – self-massage.

Remember – throughout the pregnancy you can not massage the stomach!

After the 3rd month has passed, it is allowed …

the specialist performing stroking and stimulating body parts such as the feet, back, shoulders, limbs, cervical and collar – the so-called general massage. If there are no contraindications – daily massage, starting from a period of 7 months. Before this, you should undergo the procedure once every 7 days. The duration of the session is about 30 minutes.
Impact on the back. It is produced in the lateral position of the pregnant woman and strictly without affecting the spine. Back massage allows you to get rid of the deflection of the spinal column, adjust the center of gravity and alleviate the unpleasant symptoms caused by compression of the internal organs.
Massage of the lower extremities. Includes techniques such as kneading, stroking and warming up. Helps prevent the appearance of cramps and swelling of the legs. Blood circulation is restored. The regular use of foot massage is shown to expectant mothers.
Massage for the prevention of cellulite. Do not abuse this type of massage during pregnancy. Of course, the desire to preserve the beauty and skin tightness in the hips is natural for women. But, it is worth considering that there are no absolutely safe types of this massage. Do not risk your health for the sake of beauty, because there is a risk of miscarriage. It is better to limit yourself to a light effect on the buttocks with the help of hands or ordinary spoons – but only with the permission of the doctor.
Vacuum massage. It refers to anti-cellulite massage and has the same limitations. It is performed only according to the indications of the gynecologist. Exposure to the abdomen is prohibited. It should be remembered that the specialist from the beauty salon is not a gynecologist, even if he is in a white coat.
Collar massage. Lasts no more than 10 minutes in a sitting position. Allows you to relieve fatigue, increase brain blood flow.
Massage the front of the head. Benefits and is not prohibited. Self-massage is allowed, using various cosmetics, within reasonable limits. Allows you to give facial skin elasticity, tighten facial muscles, get rid of migraines.

In order to avoid increased uterine tone, infection or premature birth, perineum massage should be avoided. Such a procedure is not a preparation for the act of childbearing and does not help to avoid gaps in childbirth. The perception of the benefits of perineum massage is erroneous.
It is worth postponing visits to beauty salons offering Thai massage.

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