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Frequently Asked Questions About Thai Massage

The sensations of Thai massage are completely different. If during the classic massage work is done with the muscles, then Thai massage affects the joints and biologically active points and energy channels. Thanks to this, the person relaxes, the deep clamps are removed, the tension goes away.
In Thai massage, attention is paid to the whole body – from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head.
Immediately after the session, you will feel drowsiness and pleasant relaxation, and after a few hours – an amazing burst of energy.

Why is Thai massage done in clothes?
Traditional Thai massage is done in clothes just by tradition. It has long been considered the privilege of emperors and was performed by masseurs – men. Naturally, there was no talk of any undressing of the ruler.

There is also a purely physiological moment – with pressure through matter, the tissues of the body withstand a much larger load without the appearance of painful sensations.

In addition, clothing symbolizes the preservation of boundaries, because a person is much more comfortable psychologically staying in clothes during massage.

It is very important that the client is warm during the massage, because the person relaxes and even with a sufficiently high air temperature he may have a slight chill. And this is another argument in favor of doing massage in clothes.

What are the contraindications for Thai massage?
There are the usual contraindications to Thai massage, common to many other forms of massage therapy:
– with serious cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure;
– for oncological diseases;
– osteoporosis (a disease in which the bone is not strong and breaks easily);
– with rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation of the joints, causing their deformation and stiffness);
– with skin diseases (the affected surface is not massaged);
– during pregnancy;
– with advanced thrombophlebitis (surrounding tissues are massaged, to improve local blood circulation);
– postoperative period;
– in case of bone fractures or damage to joints, the corresponding area is not massaged;
– with hemophilia – a congenital disease in which blood does not clot.

And yet, the statement of the famous massage specialist Enrique Castelli Garcia, who calls traditional Thai massage art, is appropriate here: “Is the warmth of human hands contraindicated for someone? If the door is closed in the house, we open it with a key, if the key is broken, you can open the window. It is the same with massage: if you can’t work on your legs, you can work on your head, you can’t work on your head, you can on your foot. “To help your neighbor, to find the key to the body, to find the root cause of the disease – this is the main task of the massage therapist.”

How often do you need to do massage to have an effect?
It is best to take a course of 3-5 sessions first. Ideal breaks between sessions – 1-2 days.
On the day of the massage, you can not go to the gym or to other classes, since yoga massage is already a full-fledged training and load for the body.
Then it is enough to do massage once a week to maintain the effect and shape.

I am not flexible at all, so Thai massage is not suitable for me?
On the contrary, Thai massage is simply necessary for you. You must have noticed that inflexible children do not exist. But with age, clamps appear in the human body that interfere with flexibility. Thai massage allows you to remove tension and clamps, which means that after the first session you will notice a change. And do not forget that the flexibility of the body creates the flexibility of the mind.

How long is a Thai massage?
The session lasts about 2 to 3 hours. The fact is that our body is very inert, and a person is simply unable to relax quickly. So 1.5-2 hours – this is the minimum period for which you can work out joints and muscles. When the massage lasts more than 2 hours, it gives a very strong effect. Usually, with each session, the load gradually increases. Many clients say that the time spent on a Thai massage is compensated: you get enough sleep and become much more active during the day.

How long before Thai massage can I eat and drink?
You can eat and drink, but it’s better not to get too full and better not later than 30 minutes before the session. On massage days, alcohol is not recommended, as Thai massage stimulates the body to cleanse itself. Practice shows that alcohol is not compatible with these processes. After the massage, it is good to drink herbal tea.

What is better than classic Thai massage or oil massage?
These are 2 different types of massage and cannot be compared. Thai butter was born to please the modern “resting” tourist in Thailand and appeared recently. Classical Thai (aka traditional) is an ancient massage technique, on the basis of which many existing popular massage techniques were born. Although, of course, all of them by efficiency do not go to any comparison with the original.

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