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Thai Massage Experience in Thailand

Every time I come to Thailand, I go for a massage. This is primarily due to the professional desire to learn something new, to identify new approaches.

Having chosen a fairly large and solid salon, I decided once again to try my luck with the experience of traditional Thai massage. As you might know from my previous article, it is extremely difficult to find a good master who has undergone normal training, has a solid foundation and understands what and why he is doing.

It all started here such a room where I had to do massage. Having changed clothes, lay down on his back and immediately removed the pillow. He called in secret. The first thing I saw was surprise in her entire face and an attempt to tell me in Thai so that I would return the pillow. I did not argue, just returned it and reassured.

Then the massage began, like that right away, with a snap.

I try to relax, I switch to slow and deep breathing, I feel that my feet are freezing. I ask you to loosen or redirect the air conditioner, to which I get the answer that this can’t be done, I was just covered with a blanket.

In addition to her cold and unheated fingers and palms, which were uncomfortable, I decided to continue to try to relax. I’m trying to listen to the music, I understand that it is there, but I just don’t hear it at all behind the rumble of the kondeya and because of something working outside the wall (either a washing machine, or some other turned on device. Adding noise and barking of dogs in the courtyard outside the window (it was evening) realized that I would have time to relax only at the end of the session, so I decided to concentrate on the sensations.

She washed her legs normally. There was a big question for a sharp movement along the stretching of one and the legs to the chest, with fixing the second leg, since in no case should such things be done irregularly several times in a row, this reason for the appearance of microcracks in the muscle, which she apparently did not know.

Further, in the supine position, my surprise was maximum. She did not work out the lumbosacral area at all and immediately switched to the muscles along the spinal column. And not pointwise, but with the palm of your hand. This means that she decided to “fool around,” since the palm at this stage is turned on to warm up and prepare the surface, after which fingers are connected and only then the elbows.

Having completed, in her opinion, manipulations with the back surface, he did a small head massage and planted it.

Taking a relaxed position, my back curved back a bit – this is normal. In order to begin a vertical impact on the shoulders, you must either substitute your leg as an emphasis on the back, or the person himself must have a more or less stable position. Ignoring all this, she began to affect the shoulders and deltoid muscle of the neck. And under the first pressing, I simply bent and fell forward, because the patient in this position should not strain his lower back to keep himself in the right position, this is, in fact, the essence of the massage – we remove the tension, and not add it. Realizing that I was going forward and back, she stopped this element and decided to lean me forward to stretch her lower back. Having collapsed all the weights (and it was 60 kilograms. Compared to miomi 85, this is not so weakly felt), she decided to stretch me to the crease to the maximum. I tried to mitigate sharp injuries with deep breathing, however, when I woke up in the morning I realized that there was discomfort in the lower back. It became obvious (even during the massage) that she very slightly stretched the area and she was simply not prepared for such an intense impact.

Now add some more pepper:
Due to the restriction of space to the level of a comor, in which even her hands cannot be spread without resting on the walls, she had so much a hedgehog with the problem of moving through the space between elements and positions. The first and main mistake made by her was that she stepped over and climbed THROUGH me.

In a good way, the masseur should get up and walk around the radius to go to the other side. This is an extremely important issue of patient comfort.

What is the result?
Once again I regretted that I went to such a massage.

I agree that a Thai massage master may not have a medical education and not know the intricacies of anatomy, since in most cases this is not necessary and Thai massage itself is an extremely safe type of massage, but imagine what would happen if a person came with sore lower back? It is likely that in the evening he would simply bend over in pain from such a sharp impact.

That is why look for specialists who are at least interested in your current problems with the body before the start of the session.

As for Thai massage, If you are in Vladimir – come to me for a session lasting 2.5 hours, during which you can feel the very real, restoring Thai massage. With my huge store of knowledge, as well as 10 years of experience as one of the founders of the capoeira club, you can be sure that I will not harm you. It is very important. Thai massage in itself is quite mild.

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