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Shiatsu is a unique technique that emerged before the advent of Chinese acupuncture, the name of which is deciphered as follows: "shi" - fingers, "atsu" - pressure. The founder of…

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The technique of facial massage against wrinkles. We understand the existing types.

Chinese facial massage is a great way to achieve skin rejuvenation. This technique has been known in the East since ancient times. It is often called qigong gymnastics (translated from Chinese qi – “vital energy”, gong – “management”) or Taoist massage (Taoism – Chinese philosophical teaching, which is based on energy exchange, etc.). The main idea of ​​this technique is that the impact on certain biologically active points on the skin of the face contributes to the launch of skin regeneration processes.

Point self-massage allows you to work out not only the upper layers of the skin, but also muscle tissue, bones, blood vessels. In addition, Chinese gymnastics, due to the stimulation of certain zones, helps to improve the well-being of the whole organism, normalize the state of mind and harmony throughout the body.
Basic principles

Qigong self-massage is based on traditional Oriental methods of exposure to the skin. Chinese acupressure includes a wide range of different movements: stroking, rubbing, patting, pressing, etc. During the manipulation, not only the pads, but also the phalanges of the fingers, as well as the palms, should be involved. Proper development of skin cells will help to activate qi energy, as a result of which the tissue and systems of the body are restored and updated.

Gymnastics helps to accelerate blood circulation, lymph flow, all metabolic processes. Due to this, the intensive production of collagen and elastins begins in the subcutaneous tissues, the skin integuments again come in tone and are filled with vital energy. Puffiness passes, the oval of the face is tightened, the skin texture is leveled. Self-massage qi helps get rid of wrinkles, remove wrinkles and creases, make the skin less dry and flaky.

Correctly performed spot self-massage of qi from wrinkles will not cause harm, will not cause adverse reactions. Qigong gymnastics does not injure the skin. A simple method and the right tricks will not cause bruises and any irritation.

Face acupressure technique

In order for the Daoist acupressure massage against wrinkles to bring only benefit, you need to follow simple rules, follow the execution technique. It is recommended to start self-massage from the middle of the forehead, then you need to smoothly go to the eyebrows, lips, chin. After that, the temples, neck area are worked out.

A classic Chinese facial massage is performed as follows:

Using the pads of the fingers, it is necessary to smooth the forehead area, the area around the eyes, the nose, then you need to go down the cheeks to the chin and neck.
Observing the same sequence and direction to go through all zones with light pops. At each point it is necessary to make at least 3-5 pats.
Index fingers should be placed on the forehead, and large fingers on the whiskey. Conduct smoothing movements from the forehead to the temples.
Put your thumbs on the temples, and the index fingers on the arches of the eyebrows. Intensively, but gently massage the eyebrows in the direction from the bridge of the nose to the temples.
Close your eyes, gently massage your eyelids, as well as the inner and outer corners of the eyes. All movements must be circular.
Thumb pads should be placed on the outer corners of the eyes. Massage the fingers several times to the temples.
With index fingers you need to grind the wings of the nose, and then in a circular motion to work out the points at the base of the nose and under it.
Press your palms to your cheeks, spread your fingers as wide as possible. Smooth cheeks towards neck.
Rub the earlobes, and then massage the ears with your whole palm with upward and downward movements.
Rub the palms of the hands well (heat should appear). It is necessary to recall the process of washing with water and applying the same hands to the face in the same movements, imagining how energy fills the skin. This method of visualization will allow you to find harmony, activate vitality.
Honey facial massage for wrinkles
Honey facial massage is a unique anti-aging treatment. It is no coincidence that women who regularly look after their face with honey, do not have wrinkles at the age of 50 or 60. This can be easily verified by looking at the photos of honey massage lovers. They all conduct it themselves, at home, having mastered a fairly simple technique.

The thing is that this procedure combines three main types of facial care: cleansing, peeling, nutrition. Due to a special technique, all accumulated toxins are actively removed from the deep layers of the skin, the dead cells are removed, and at the same time, the dermis is deeply saturated with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals contained in bee honey.

If you do the procedure regularly, you can quickly get rid of comedones, wrinkles, dullness and lifelessness, characteristic of aging aging skin. The effect of honey procedures is very good seen in the photos taken before and after the course of massages, especially for women 40 or 50 years old. In addition to rejuvenation, massage with honey enhances the protective and regenerative functions of the skin.

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