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Headaches: causes, types, diagnosis and treatment

Headache – an ailment that interferes with a full life. When the head hurts, a malfunction occurs in the body. Attacks begin unexpectedly, and they can last in different ways. The effect of pain on the body is constantly changing and depends on the cause of the appearance.

About 15% of the population worsens their well-being and functioning due to climate change. When changing weather, a person reacts sensitively to the following weather conditions:

wind behavior;
pressure drops;
air humidity;
temperature jumps.
People whose body reaction directly depends on weather conditions are called weather-sensitive.

Following some recommendations, a person will quickly get rid of malaise or reduce its effect on the body. Often the cause of aches in the head is excessive consumption of junk food, emotional stress, anxiety, stress or lack of sleep.

Headache Prevention
What headache remedies will bring relief? During sudden changes in weather conditions, go out into the fresh air more often. Drinking fluids will have a positive effect on the body. Massages of the occipital, frontal and temporal zones, as well as neck massage will relieve muscle tension and normalize pressure. However, you should refrain from abuse of drugs.

Move, move and move again. Movement is the stimulus of life that drives our blood through the body, and the heart makes us beat harder. Thus, blood flow and oxygen supply to brain cells are improved.

Avoid stressful situations. Do not take what is happening in life to heart. Drink less soda and coffee. Introduce the habit of drinking pure water. For the functioning of the body, a person should drink about two liters of water per day. The individual daily rate depends on the weight of the person. Start playing sports, consume more vitamins and nutrients.

Often, people who have tried all means of dealing with headaches are thrown into fear if the body is unable to cope.

The cause of pain may lie in other ailments

Today, many people live with spinal problems. Few people think that headache attacks are a consequence of a disruption of the musculoskeletal system.

In addition, headache can be a consequence of other health problems. Among them:

Muscle tension (osteochondrosis, scoliosis);
Neurological problems (vomiting, dizziness);
Vascular disease (vertebral artery syndrome);
Increased intracranial pressure.
Headache Classification
Headache has various forms. One of these forms is pulsating, which can indicate the onset of serious diseases. Pulsating cuts in the neck and neck can cause arterial hypertension. The consequences lead to a stroke, myocardial infarction.

In practice, many cases have been recorded when aches are combined with pulsations in the neck or temples. These are the first signs of a cold. However, the throbbing pain can be much more serious than just a cold. Sometimes it occurs in case of destruction of the carotid artery.

Throbbing pain can be the foundation for the initiation of various types of tumors. A visit to the doctor and diagnosis will help determine the exact disease and method of solution. Pain caused by pulsations can adversely affect vision and eye health. The choice of glasses or lenses plays a significant role. Wrong choices lead to headaches and spasms of the eyeballs.

It’s a dull pain. It is characterized by a sense of compression. Occurs due to stress or severe overstrain of the neck muscles. Taking medication and nervous exhaustion lead to aching pain. It lasts from twenty minutes to one week.

Signs of bundle pain:
comes abruptly;
more often stopped on one side;
gives in the ear;
touches the eye area, forehead or temple.
Beam pain occurs due to a change in time zones, a downed regime, sleepless nights. Alcoholism leads to chronic bundle pain. Treatment is prescribed by a doctor. These are mainly drugs. In an acute attack, use a special mask for inhalation.

Sometimes folk remedies help to cope with malaise.

Alternative medicine
There are many recipes that can help ease pain after a few minutes:

Water treatments
As you know, the body is 75% water. Dehydration leads to acute headaches. Drink two liters of water every day. Water enhances brain performance.

The use of hot baths or a contrast shower after physical overstrain will relax the body and calm the nerves, and help restore lost strength. It has long been believed that the foot bath improves the condition of the body, eliminates muscle hypertonicity, which causes pain.

Herbal treatment
In times when there were no medicines, treatment was trusted with healing herbs. The method is used today. Herbs contain elements that eliminate spasms, relieve pain.

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