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How to maintain health after 30

The topic of the article was not chosen by chance; today the disease of the musculoskeletal system is a rather relevant topic.

The article is intended for a wide range of readers. And her main task is to try to convey to the readers how important it is to take care of and to influence her body through the musculoskeletal system (hereinafter ODA) with the help of massage and gymnastics, especially after 30 years.

Realizing the causes of functional disorders of the neuromuscular system of a person, the percentage to live a long and happy life is greatly increasing.

Such diseases as dyskinesias, coronary heart disease, prostatitis, etc., diseases of the joints and spine, arthritis, arthrosis are closely associated with the human musculoskeletal system.

It is known that the human body consists of cells and in violation of cellular metabolism, the activity of the organs and tissues consisting of them is disrupted. In the body, everything is interconnected, it is systemically connected and influencing each other body systems.

Considering biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, scientists come to the conclusion that the human body is 100% tied to movement, active dynamics, mobility of internal fluids and systems. The less a person moves, the more stagnation, cramping, disturbances in the innervation of organs and tissues, and as a result of illness.

If a person is minimally mobile, tired of a constant habitual or imposed work position, then stagnant phenomena occur in the cells of such an organism (especially distant regions from the heart), as a result of a disturbance in cellular nutrition – dystrophy. As a result of the degeneration of tissues, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, the nutrition of other systems – organs, joints of the limbs and spine and the development of their diseases – degenerations is disturbed.

Studying human physiology, it became known that autonomous development of a person ends by the age of 21-24, by this time the volume of striated muscle normally amounts to 40% of the total body weight.

Why is this so important?

Muscle tissue performs the main transport function in the body, as blood vessels, nerves, capillary and lymphatic networks pass through it. If the muscle tissue is rigid, dehydrated, in a word is insolvent to perform transport functions, the functions of the whole organism are violated.

After 24 years, if a person does not show proper motor activity, the volume of muscle tissue, and accordingly the blood vessels, falls, and the fat mass grows. It becomes more difficult for the body to cope with its own body weight and provide for its nutritional need. For example, autonomous organs such as the heart are overloaded and IHD develops. Vascular hypotension, atherosclerosis – stroke. Hormonal and nervous systems, depending on human activity, become hypotonic and are not able to maintain normal functional activity.

Due to the high modern human activity, frequent exposure to stress, there is a constant degeneration of tissues, spasms passing into degenerative changes in organs and tissues.

“Simple muscle inflammation and overwork accumulate, pain appears in the evenings and mornings, then there is a contracture of individual myofibrils, sections of muscle fiber, decreased tissue elasticity – spasms become more frequent, cramps, lumbago, acute pains appear. Further, the most unpleasant thing is irreversible changes in the muscle tissues of the body, degeneration and replacement of connective tissue, limitation of mobility and constant pain during movement, developing inflammatory processes not only of the muscles, but also of the vessels and nervous tissue. ”

When massaging such people, dense cords are found along the muscle tissue, active and latent trigger points – Didenko D.V.

How can you avoid all these changes in organs and tissues and push the body’s involution back many years, look younger and feel healthier?

Massage and proper dynamic exercises are especially necessary after 30 years, when the natural processes of growth and regeneration of the body begin to fade. Now these systems are activated only with vigorous human activity

Massage is a passive effect on the body, dynamic exercises are an active effect, for normal functional activity it is necessary to combine both procedures.

With the help of massage, minor physiological changes in tissues and organs occur. Using various massage techniques, massage therapists eliminate muscle cramps and soreness, restoring it, and with the help of dynamic exercises, strengthening and deeper restoration of previously damaged structures occurs.

During the massage, every cell of the body is actively enriched with oxygen, and decay products are released, regenerative processes in damaged tissues and organs are started and accelerated.

Massage is simply necessary for a modern person whose life is filled with emotions, stress, irregular working days, and long professional poses.

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