Yumeiho therapy
Yumeiho therapy organically absorbed both the legacy of ancient Japanese massage therapists and the progressive achievements of modern medicine. Being both a type of massage and a healing practice, it…

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Headaches: causes, types, diagnosis and treatment
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The technique of facial massage against wrinkles. We understand the existing types.
Chinese facial massage is a great way to achieve skin rejuvenation. This technique has been known in the East since ancient times. It is often called qigong gymnastics (translated from…

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About the features of hardware massage

About the features of hardware massage
(annex to the training course
“The basics of classical (manual) massage”)

Massage using devices is an additional tool for manual (manual) massage. It partially replaces the manual labor of the massager, making it possible to better observe the rhythm and make more efficient use of individual massage techniques. However, we must not forget about the existing expression: “Nothing can replace the hands of a massage therapist …”.

Applied massage is used for all types of massage, it has the following varieties: vibration, water (hydromassage), vacuum, etc.

Vibration massage is a method of treatment with the help of mechanical vibrations (vibrations) of parts of the body, caused by exposure to various devices – vibrators. The development of vibrational massage is closely related to mechanotherapy, when metered exercise is used with the help of special devices, for example, with arthrogenic contractures, muscle atrophies, etc.

Various vibrators are used depending on the topography of the massed area and the depth of exposure. These devices can adjust the frequency and intensity of vibrations.

Vibration massage with the apparatus is shown as one of the methods of gradually increasing the intensity and depth of exposure to pain points (for example, to the exit site of the infraorbital nerve), when manual classical massage is difficult to perform, and the massage therapist needs certain knowledge and skills to perform acupressure.

Vibration is indicated for exposure to deeper organs and tissues, as well as for muscle diseases, etc.

Water massage (hydromassage) is based on the combined effect of water on the body and massage manipulations with the hands or using the apparatus. It includes: underwater shower massage, underwater manual massage, underwater brush massage, water-jet massage, etc.

Underwater shower massage of the body is carried out using special installations of domestic and foreign production, with a stream of water with an optimal pressure in the massage hose up to 2-3-5 atm. To reduce the force of the jet (pressure), the apparatus has a control device.

The bathtub in which the patient is located is filled with fresh, sea or mineral water, the temperature of which should not be lower than 35-38 ° С. Warm bath water reduces reflex excitability, vasospasms and pain cease. Soft tissues, especially muscles, relax more under water than outside water. The massage jet of water favorably affects the relaxed muscles and exerts a mechanical, thermal and chemical (sea and mineral water) effect. Underwater massage improves blood circulation in the skin, increases metabolism, activates trophism, and skin hyperemia quickly sets in. In this case, pain is absent. Underwater massage promotes the resorption of hemorrhages and edema in the tissues and joints, improves motor functions, generally improves the general condition, there is a feeling of lightness, freshness.

For a more pronounced reaction, a pressure jet of a higher temperature (45-55 ° C) is sometimes used.

Depending on the angle of the hose with the nozzle, the main massage techniques are used: stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration.

Shower massage is indicated for deforming arthritis / arthrosis, restriction of movement in the joints as a result of injuries and metabolic disorders, as well as for lymphostases and long-term non-healing trophic ulcers. The duration of the procedure is from 5 to 10-12 minutes. 10-15 procedures are prescribed for the course of treatment.

Underwater massage is a procedure that has a pronounced effect, and therefore requires an individual definition of indications for its use.

Vacuum massage (pneumomassage) is characterized by mechanical effects on the tissue of high and low air pressure created in a special aspirator (bank), which is applied to the body.

The essence of the massage effect is the rhythmic alternation of a greater or lesser degree of vacuum (in the bank), the degree of which is established using special vacuum gauges on the apparatus. Such massage is carried out in a mobile and motionless way.

In the skin, drawn into banks, create congestive hyperemia and local hemorrhages appear in it.

The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. It is carried out every other day or every day. The course of treatment prescribed 10-12 procedures.

Pneumomassage is indicated for radiculitis, myalgia, myositis, intestinal atony and chronic pelvic inflammatory processes.

Underwater massage – a procedure in which manual massage is combined with a hydrotherapy procedure.

In this case, massage (stroking, rubbing and other techniques) is carried out either in a bath with warm water with relaxed muscles, or under a rain shower, in which case the patient lies on a table above which a special shower device is placed.

Hardware types of massage are widely used in sports, hygiene, therapeutic massage, cosmetic practice.

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