Tips for first time massage
Have you never been to a massage before? Not sure what to do and what to expect? And even if you have already gone for massage, you will be interested…

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Thai massage
Pain is a consequence of an abnormal effect on the body. It appears when the body is overloaded and, conversely, from a lack of muscle training. Pain is a signal…

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Massage history
Even in ancient times, massage was known as a remedy. Massage was used by primitive people. Obviously, stroking, rubbing, kneading the sore spot at first was purely instinctive. It was…

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Thai massage basics

Thai massage is the oldest method of traditional Thai medicine. All of his techniques are a combination of pressure, stretching and twisting, that is, a complex system of action on the human body.

Pressure is a means of stimulating the energy channels, and twisting and stretching stimulate the muscles. Thai massage specialist tool – feet, hands, thumbs, elbows and knees. The calm pace and smooth movements characteristic of Thai massage exclude sharp pressing and stretching too strong.

Folk tradition calls the founder of Thai massage Jivaku Kumara Bhachu, who is also known by the name Shiuago Comparaj. He lived about 2500 years ago, was a doctor, a friend of Buddha. According to the theory of Thai medicine, the so-called vital, or internal, energy circulates in the human body. It moves through special energy channels associated with all tissues and organs. The Chinese call this energy “qi”, and the Indians – “prana.” A person is healthy only when this energy flows unhindered, harmoniously distributed throughout the body. A normal physical condition causes a feeling of vigor, self-confidence, an optimistic mood. Any obstacle to the energy flow leads to illness.

Thai massage pays attention to the main energy channels. By exerting proper influence on them, it is possible to remove obstacles to the flow of vital energy and prevent its stagnation. By pressing on certain muscles and stretching them, you can restore the disturbed flow.

The Thai massage system is unique in that it retains youthfulness for a long time.

The energy channels can be pressed with the feet, palms, fingers, elbows and knees. In addition, you can stretch and twist the muscles, which resembles some yoga exercises. From one method to another you need to move smoothly and slowly, movements should be rhythmic, soft and harmonious.

Thai massage session

Massage is usually done in a warm, well-ventilated room. It is important that there is no sound interference, although some prefer quiet music to play during the massage. Since the techniques are performed on the floor, you will need a soft, but sufficiently elastic mat or rug, as well as a pillow under the patient’s head. To act confidently, a massage therapist needs a lot of space. Before starting the massage, Thai experts offer a prayer to the Father of Medicine, asking him to help free the patient from physical and mental illnesses.

The patient does not undress during the massage, only the feet are exposed. His clothes should be free of thin natural material. This also applies to the clothes of a massage therapist, who also remains barefoot. No oils and creams are used for Thai massage. Only sometimes special herbal extracts that enhance the effect of massage.

Thai massage always begins with the patient lying on his back; then act on the lateral areas of the body; after that they go to the lying position face down and end with the sitting position. The usual set of techniques begins with the feet: they are pressed, stretched and rotated. The legs are systematically translated into various positions, which allows the best effect on the energy channels.

Taking a deep breath before lifting and exhaling during lifting improves the flow of energy to the internal organs. As with other types of massage, rhythm and pressure should be carefully monitored. During the massage, the patient should breathe freely, with the exception of the Cobra techniques and lifting with a twisted back. A full Thai massage takes two to two and a half hours.

In Thai massage there are no strictly fixed rules that would limit the sequence and choice of exercises. There are hundreds of exercises, and virtually every massage therapist has his own style and uses different variations. The best massage therapists choose the sequence and set of exercises in accordance with the individual characteristics of the patient.

Foot massage or foot massage

Thai foot massage – foot and lower leg massage is a unique method of influencing the body through stimulation of reflexogenic zones located on the legs.

The main purpose of foot massage is prophylactic. It perfectly helps relieve leg fatigue after long walks, which is why it is very popular. Although sometimes the massage procedure is quite painful.

Before the start of the session, a foot washing procedure is performed. There are many options, ranging from the simplest ablutions in ordinary water and ending with a beautiful ritual using aromatic additives and flower petals.

Indications and contraindications for Thai massage

Thai massage recommended when

General malaise
Headache and occipital pain
Back pain
Muscle clamps
Sleep disturbance, restlessness
Apathy, bad mood
Digestion problems, lack of appetite

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