Thai massage
Pain is a consequence of an abnormal effect on the body. It appears when the body is overloaded and, conversely, from a lack of muscle training. Pain is a signal…

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Tips for first time massage
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Thai Massage Experience in Thailand
Every time I come to Thailand, I go for a massage. This is primarily due to the professional desire to learn something new, to identify new approaches. Having chosen a…

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Энергетический массаж

Energy massage is not a fantasy. If you know about the chakras, know how to clean them even at home and have passed massage courses, then it is in your power to help a loved one recover from many diseases. Even becoming a Reiki adherent is not necessary. So that the first timid steps do not lead to the abyss of errors, I will tell you about my experience in conducting energy massage.

Before each procedure, remember about the mandatory preparation.

First, take a few minutes to clean it energetically. If you don’t have a favorite method, you can use one of these.

Cleaning methods

1. Imagine that in front of you is a powerful waterfall that hits from the top of the mountain. Stand under it, feel how clean jets pass through your body, taking away all bad presentiments, worries, anger, resentment and other unpleasant emotions.

2. A wall of fire surrounds you. No, you do not need to reel fishing rods – there is nothing dangerous in this. Feel how it comes closer and closer, and your subtle bodies are cleansed of everything unnecessary. Negative emotions are burned like branches in a fire.

3. A severe thunderstorm erupted. Thunder rumbles in the distance … comes closer and closer … and closer … And finally, a bright flash of lightning – a meter away from you. A powerful wave of electricity travels through your body and destroys in a split second all that is not characteristic of your deep essence.

Energy cleansing is important if only because during the massage part of the patient’s negative energy will somehow pass through your body. And if there are blocks in it, then it will not be able to leave and will remain in you, manifesting itself in the form of a particular disease. There are frequent cases when the massage therapist took care of the patient’s ailments. Of course, he provided help, but the next time he “measured it seven times” before “cutting it off once” —to decide on a similar session.

Energy set

After cleansing, gain energy – you need a treatment tool, do not use a scalpel, in fact! nabor-energii

If you do not know how to do this, choose one of these methods:

1. Use the power of the Earth. Stand on the floor (ideally on the ground, but not everyone has the opportunity) and imagine how your legs turn into roots, your hands become branches, and your body becomes a tree trunk. Feel the life-giving power that the Earth gives you. It flows through your veins, filling with vigor. Five minutes of such practice will be enough.

2. If possible, go to the park or courtyard and take a fancy for a tree. Stand next to him, hug him. Do not be shy, trees are one of the best donor plants that concentrate the energy of the earth. If you feel that you have gained enough energy, thank your benefactor.

3. If you can open the chakras, do the following practice. Open the heart chakra with the method that is convenient for you and imagine that a small sun lights up in it, a clot of light appears. It is growing and growing, filling your being. The sun shines with love: absorb it in every cell, enjoy the sensations. After a few minutes, you open your eyes and feel filled with energy.

Negative Protection

After gaining energy, do not immediately start energy massage – first protect yourself from the negative of the patient who will pass through you. Slide your finger in a circle around the wrist, imagining how a powerful shutter appears inside it. You can “make” it from anything – metal, plasma, electricity. Imagine an image that is easier for you to work with. But make the flap one-sided with the condition that the healing energy can come out of your hands, but negative – will not be able to get into them. Where will she go then? Wherever you want: you can redirect it to the earth, into the image of an all-consuming abyss (“black hole”) or any other – the main thing is that the disease does not return to the patient’s body.

Put the same shutter in the elbow area – it will work if the protection in the wrist is not reliable enough. There may be several reasons for this – severe chronic diseases or acute inflammatory processes in the patient’s body, energ-massage1 own weakness, little experience in creating energy defenses. One way or another, the flap at the elbow is reliable insurance.


In the end I will give one more advice. Before each procedure, ask yourself: “Am I ready for energy exchange today?” If the answer is no, you feel tired or unwell, you are in a bad mood, it’s better to cancel the session. Believe me, even if you can help the patient (the effect will be weaker in any case), then you’ll probably harm yourself.

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