Энергетический массаж
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Yumeiho therapy
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4 massage myths
Many people have not quite correct ideas about massage - 4 basic myths. Myth 1. If the back is straight, then the spine is healthy. Good posture is really important…

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Cellulite is a chronic disease in which, in certain areas, in women, the structure of adipose tissue changes and its fibrosis develops. Cellulite appears and develops primarily due to the accumulation of undigested fats and salts in the intercellular fluid in the tissues.

The appearance and development of cellulite in women is associated with two main reasons. Most often, this is either a violation of lipid metabolism, or hormonal failure. However, there are a number of other reasons, direct or indirect, which result in cellulite.

These include:

change in diet, intake and volume of food consumed;
lack of proper physical activity;
psychological problems and stress;
taking hormonal contraceptives and hormonal disruptions;
Smoking, alcohol, other bad habits, etc.

The increase in adipose tissue in women is also associated with age-related changes. The fact is that with age, when the production of the main female sex hormone – estrogen fades away, adipose tissue becomes its main source. In accordance with the program laid down by nature, the body creates fat reserves. Only here is bad luck, this usually happens in those parts of the body where you least want to.

Each person, by adulthood, if there are no endocrine disorders, the number of fat cells remains unchanged. When a person grows older, this does not happen due to an increase in the number of fat cells, but because of an increase in their size.

Firstly, fat cells increase in size unevenly.
Secondly, they form clusters, which also increase unevenly. It is such an uneven change in adipose tissue that manifests itself as cellulite.

As already mentioned, fat cells no longer increase in number, but only increase in size, and increasing in size, they first compress small capillaries, and then larger and larger vessels of the lymphatic network.

Lymph, unlike blood, does not have an organ that pumps it. And if the heart drives blood, for example, in a small circle of blood circulation in about 21s, then the lymph circulates only a few times during the day. Muscle contractions contribute to the lymphatic flow, and if a person is inactive, this process slows down even more. Which contributes to an increase in body volume and the appearance of cellulite.

A vicious circle is created. The contents of the fat cell can be partially squeezed into the intercellular space, and then removed through the vascular network of the lymphatic network. However, this does not happen because the vessels of the network are pinched by enlarged fat cells. What should I do?

This is where anti-cellulite massage comes to your aid. Let’s see how it works?

First of all, I want to say the following. Very often, cellulite is not only and not so much a disease as an occasion for the appearance of psychological problems.

All girls and women, in this sense, are divided into two categories.

“The first category” – those who seek to improve their appearance through massage, fitness, etc. Only in this way, in the vast majority of cases, they look excellent.

The second category is those who are not concerned with themselves. But these are precisely those people who have something to work with. Therefore, in order to decide to come for an anti-cellulite massage, just consider yourself in the “First” category of clients)))

Coming to an anti-cellulite massage, the client usually expects that each procedure will lead to a decrease in volume and a decrease in body weight. However, at first, this does not happen. Why?

Imagine a tube (a vessel of the lymphatic network), tightly squeezed by your fingers (fat cells), try to slightly reduce the pressure, without opening the lumen of the tube. Will something flow on it? Not! Repeat the experiment, having slightly weakened the pressure, but without opening the lumen of the tube. Will something flow on it? Not! And only after the pressure drops so that the tube section opens, the process will begin. The same thing happens with anti-cellulite massage. The masseur squeezes the contents of the fat cell into the intercellular space, but the process of losing weight and reducing the volume is only fully started when the fat cells are reduced so much that they stop compressing the lymphatic vessels and the full lymphatic flow is restored.

Therefore, the result of anti-cellulite procedures looks something like this: massage – volume and weight cost, massage – volume and weight cost … massage – the process of reducing volume and weight has gone. And if you are ready to switch to a healthy diet, follow a regimen, exercise, drink clean water, then an anti-cellulite massage will give incredible results.

And then your main problem will be finding smaller clothes, pleasant thoughts and plans for the future))).

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