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Hand massage: technique and methods of exposure

Throughout the working day, the arm muscles experience quite large loads. As a result, tension builds up, which negatively affects our performance and state of our health, forming pains in the neck, shoulders, etc. Hand massage is able to remove all unpleasant sensations, pains, tension.

Massage of the hands takes a special place. Because it is there that there is a huge number of points with reflex cells, which in turn have an effect on certain parts of our body and are able to improve well-being. In general, any massage is positive: it allows you to relax, relieve stress, cure a serious ailment, relieve cosmetic defects, etc.

Perfectly relieves stress and uncomfortable state.

This procedure affects all muscles, joints, skin layers, blood vessels. Separately, I want to pay attention to how massage has an effect on the central nervous system, stabilizing its functionality. And, of course, the sessions have a beneficial effect on the entire human body. As already mentioned, a large number of acupuncture points are located on the palms. By stimulating these points, we act on certain organs, improving their functionality.

This procedure is recommended to be carried out after heavy physical exertion in order to restore muscle performance, relieve tension, strengthen joints and blood vessels. Also, under the influence of massage, you can get rid of such effects as edema, bone fracture, damage to soft tissues.

It is very good to use the procedure for cosmetic purposes. With its help, you can clean the upper layer of the skin from keratinized epidermis, dust particles, any external impurities, clog pores. As a result of the reception, grinding, the outflow of lymph is activated, which helps to improve the nutrition of the skin at the micro level. Ultimately, the skin becomes supple, supple, velvety, acquiring a vibrant color.

With the help of various nourishing creams, massage oils, gels, massage increases its effectiveness.

Impact techniques
The techniques and methods of influence include exercises such as stroking, rubbing, kneading, patting, twisting, tingling, etc. The complex of all these techniques is called hand massage. It is important to know that all techniques are performed in strict sequence.

A special place in this procedure I want to highlight self-massage. It is self-massage that is the most common method of exposure, since rubbing oil into the skin, rubbing, stroking movements is massage. When performing self-massage, stroking movements at a slow pace is recommended to be replaced by grindings of a faster pace. All movements are carried out in the direction from the fingertips to the elbows.

If the procedure is performed by a masseur, in addition to the basic techniques, he uses a little other, such as kneading, acupressure, Chinese massage, Thai etc. I would like to pay special attention to water massage. The essence of its effect is pouring water from the hand from the hand to the forearm and back. Pouring is carried out from the inside and from the outside. This method is very effective for diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, it delivers a very pleasant sensation.

A certain point affects a certain internal organ.

The technique includes finger massage, massage of the hands, wrist joints, forearms, elbow joints, shoulders, shoulder joints.

Finger massage
With this procedure, the patient can both sit and lie. The hand is laid on a massage roller, which is located on the massage table. Receptions are performed with one or two hands. If a specialist performs the procedure with one hand, the other he fixes the patient’s hand. It all starts with plane stroking, in which the thumb and forefinger simultaneously and simultaneously act on the palm and back of the massaged finger. You should start with the tip of your finger, gradually moving to the base. Thus, each finger is worked out.

This is followed by a similar technique, but in the form of hatching. It should be performed in the transverse and longitudinal directions. Then the massage therapist begins to knead. To do this, with his thumb and forefinger, he grabs the soft tissue of the patient’s fingers and performs circular movements. Perhaps some delaying them. Also moves from the tip of the finger to the base. After rubbing and stroking again.

At the end of the procedure, the patient is invited to actively move the joint of each finger.

Hand massage
With this procedure, the position of the hand should be the same as with massage of the fingers. The first step is to stroke the back of the hand, starting from the tips of the fingers and ending with the base of the palm. Having finished stroking the back side, the masseur proceeds to deep stroking and rubbing in the dashed form of each tendon.

Next, massaging of the interosseous muscle is performed in the same manner.

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