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Head massage

Stress negatively affects the general mental and physical condition of a person, including the condition of hair and scalp. Massage has an anti-stress effect, in addition, it is also useful in solving the problem of dandruff and hair loss.

Since there are a lot of nerve endings on the scalp, it is not surprising that we experience the effect of stress and tension on the head. Just as massage restores the strength of tired muscles, so a head massage relaxes after a busy day. It helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp, which helps with chronic headache. In addition, massage helps to solve the problem of hair loss, helping to accelerate the growth of new hair. Scalp massage is also effective for dandruff. Providing a mild keratolytic effect, the massage loosens dead cells, making them easier to exfoliate. If you massage your scalp in the shower, you can even prevent dandruff.

Massage helps keep the scalp healthy, stimulates blood circulation and supplies hair follicles with oxygen and nutrients. Against the background of massage, blood vessels and capillaries expand, and blood cells approach the walls of blood vessels.

Massage is good for all hair types. Anyone who has dry scalp, dry hair or dry dandruff, or who has hair loss due to improper nutrition (diet for weight loss, impaired absorption of nutrients), is recommended an energetic massage that improves blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. Massage slightly speeds up the process of salting hair, so those with oily hair are advised to massage before washing their hair.

Try it yourself
Massage should begin with gentle circular movements that warm the scalp. The force of pressing should be gradually increased, however, it should not be too strong. The palms should stroke the scalp, and not rub it. The skin should only move minimally. A light finger touch relaxes the muscles of the head and soothes the nervous system.

With your index and middle fingers, gently press the skin away from the back of the head, along the edges of the hairline to the forehead. Repeat three times.
Massage with slightly stronger pressure with your fingers in a circular motion in the direction from the back of the head, along the edges of the hairline to the forehead.
Accelerate circular movements, and press the skin a little more strongly with your fingers, and massage in the direction from the back of the head to the forehead and back.
Extend your fingers and continue the massage in a circular motion, moving to the crown, and then to the forehead, and again to the crown, and then to the edges of the hairline above the ears.
Spread fingers through the hair with spread fingers, gently scratching the scalp with your fingertips. First, from neck to forehead, then back again.
Wrap your head in a warm, damp towel and relax.
Head massage for hair growth
Tilt your head down, and starting to massage (in the same way, with light circular movements) the back of the neck, where the hair growth begins, gradually move around the entire head. The procedure for this massage should take from 5 to 7 minutes.

After that it will be very good to continue (and complete) the head massage with combing. Without lifting your head, go comb through your hair, if possible 50 times or, even better, 100. Then raise your head and comb your hair as usual, also 50 or 100 times.

Or, for example, combing can be replaced (or you can use both) with a light pull on the hair: take fingers of both hands with small locks of hair at the base of their growth and gently pull 5-10 times. And so on all over the head. This should not cause you pain or other discomfort.

The next massage option for hair growth is pressure: press the right palm against the right side of the head and at the same time force the head on the palm, and palm on the head. Then do the same with the left part of the head, using the left hand, and then put both hands on the back of the head and forehead.

Do about 7-10 pressures on each part of the head, for 5-10 seconds each.

Also, to accelerate hair growth, it is good to do a head massage on partings. Start with the central parting of the head, massaging with light movements, rubbing and kneading the skin along the parting. After a minute, make a new parting in centimeter from the previous one and do the same procedure. And so on throughout the head, alternating the right and left side.

As already mentioned above, regularity is the main rule for obtaining the desired result, namely – accelerating hair growth, from head massage. Therefore, try to do it every time before washing your hair. If you do not wash your hair too often, then massage your scalp at least every other day (well, better, of course, every day), regardless of washing your hair. But then again, keep in mind that this process can make your hair more messy.

Whatever method of massage you do, the result should be pleasant warmth in the head area, if this is not possible, it may be worth slightly increasing the activity of your movements.

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