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About the benefits of non-contact massage

“To no one with malice, to all with mercy.”


There are three main professions in the world: to teach, build and heal. Of these professions, the most important thing is to heal, because in order to build, and in order to teach, one must be healthy.

Often, in a difficult situation, we fight and win. Why, sick, do we take a passive position, become helpless and rely only on doctors?

It seems to you that the sun does not shine? Look around, you are just standing in the shade. Only one step, and light and warmth will return to your life.

We are all able to take this step, knowing an effective system of self-healing in order to help ourselves and others in difficult times.

The human body has everything necessary to maintain its life and exist in nature, as an independent integral phenomenon.

Healer Lyudmila Kim says this: “Man is an amazing self-healing machine.”

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in interest in the use of traditional medicine. The possibilities of using massage for various diseases are huge.

“You can only teach what you love,” Goethe said. The main principle of the “do no harm” medicine is close to me. It is implemented in non-contact massage completely, therefore this method is an integral part of the recovery.

There is no doubt that pharmacology is developing, and more and more new drugs are being released for treatment, for example, antibiotics. They act quickly, help well, but side effects also quickly appear, one of which is dysbiosis. And if the underlying disease was treated for 5–7 days, then it will take more than one month to deal with “side dysbiosis”.

The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

The masseur is always optimistic. Of course, non-contact massage is not a panacea for all diseases, but regular use of massage for preventive purposes improves the quality of life. The proverb is true – prevention is better than hospital practice. In diseases, there are many different massage techniques, but there are no side effects from the use of this massage.

Modern medicine does not deal with health; it deals with diseases.

Engaged in non-contact massage, we bring health, beauty to a person’s life. However, if we are talking about health, we mean that this person is both beautiful and successful in life.

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, health is bodily, spiritual and social well-being.

Massage is recognized by all for a long time. It is a form of movement, and without movement there is no health, no life. Non-contact massage entered our life much later, but firmly took its place in the treatment of various diseases. Health is granted only in young years.

Our task is to teach people to protect it, to improve their lifestyle. It must be remembered that life is given to everyone, and old age is only to the elect.

About the quality of life of the elite is a separate conversation, but a conversation and a healthy lifestyle is necessary at any age. It will be a shame if I understood everything, but it’s already late. The trouble is that with the development of civilization, life becomes more mobile, and people are slower: this is the paradox of our century.

But we must have sustainable people, because there is nothing more expensive than health. True, there was a mocking saying among the people that only treatment is more expensive than health.

In one of his last speeches, Putin spoke about self-made health. A lot can be said in this case, and, of course, about massage. Non-contact massage is an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of people.

Non-contact massage in its action can replace any medicine, but all medicines in the world can not replace the effect of massage.

(Of course, we do not cancel medications prescribed by your doctor.)

This massage does not require expensive drugs or medical devices. One thing is needed – knowledge – and, of course, skill.

All our science is aimed at the technological process, where very little space is allocated for strengthening and maintaining health. Civilization has led people to the emergence of new and changes in the structure of old diseases. The clairvoyant Vanga spoke about this at one time. Her predictions came true unfortunately.

But not everything is so gloomy.

It must be taken into account that the human body is “designed” in the calculation of large functional overloads: fear, hunger, cold, fatigue, etc.

We underestimate the reserve capabilities and the body’s natural defenses, temperature reactions aimed at maintaining vitality.

Our health depends most of all on ourselves. Judge for yourself:

20% – ecology *,
20% – heredity *,
10% – medicine *,
50% – HLS.
Health and longevity formulas are usually complex.

All peoples have developed their own systems of a healthy lifestyle.

The famous Chang Ying Yu said about this:

“Anyone who is active as a bee, strong as a bull during the day, pricks like a horse, and comes home tired in the evening, like a dog, should consult a veterinarian.

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