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Oriental Massages

Not a craft, but art
Throughout the history of mankind, massage is considered not just a mechanical set of actions with the human body, but is equated to subtle art. It allows you to understand each other without words, give relaxation or recharge your body with energy. Massage is a special language spoken by the souls and bodies of two people.

All this, as nowhere else in the world, was understood in the East. It was there that amazing massage systems were born, helping to cure not only the body, but also the soul. It is there that the masseur is not just a doctor, but rather a musician who helps your body sound in the same rhythm with the Universe.

The eastern massage system originated and developed in the countries of Asia Minor. You are unlikely to find a description of these systems in the scientific literature, because knowledge about the art of massage was often passed on by word of mouth, and for some centuries remained sacred.

What is the peculiarity of the eastern system?
Traditional oriental massage is an excellent way to prevent and treat diseases, based on the thousands of years of experience of the healers of the Ancient East. Unlike the European tradition, oriental massage affects not only certain muscles and joints, but also the so-called biologically active points. This helps turn on the reflex mechanisms and trigger the hidden reserves of the body. With it, you can get rid of a number of acute diseases, in addition, in many cases, the speed of achieving the result will pleasantly surprise you. Oriental massages are also effective in the treatment of many chronic diseases.

According to Eastern philosophy, massage involves movements performed in the directions of channels called meridians, which are responsible for vital energy (“qi” in Chinese medicine, “ki” in Japanese, and “prana” in Hindu). Along with the mechanical effect that improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage, the restoration of internal harmony is provided during the eastern massage.

The eastern massage system uses all the techniques of other massage directions, which include rubbing, kneading, various stroking and impact on the limbs with twisting elements.

Effect on the body
Eastern traditions consider a person holistically, because our body is a single, harmonious system that works well only when all its parts are perfectly aligned with each other. But let’s see how oriental massages can affect individual elements of this system and in general your health.

Consider the beneficial effects of oriental massage systems on some organs and systems of our body.

Leather. The protective ability of the skin increases, its respiratory function increases, its nutrition improves. This activates trophic processes, increases the body’s efficiency, and improves the activity of the cardiovascular system.
Massage increases overall muscle tone, promotes rapid recovery after severe physical exertion and atrophic changes in the muscles. In addition, it helps to remove various stagnant phenomena: swelling, pain, contracture. A beneficial effect also occurs with numbness and uneven muscle tone.
With the help of massage, you can increase the elasticity of tendons and ligaments, improve the “lubrication” and blood circulation of the joints, eliminating stagnation, swelling, pain, stiffness.
Massage has a beneficial effect on the heart and facilitates its work, due to improved elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and increased blood permeability in them. Massage is indispensable in regulating blood pressure. For example, when exposed to the 2nd and 3rd cervical vertebrae, the pressure decreases, the 7th cervical vertebrae equalizes, and massage of the 7th and 8th thoracic vertebrae increases blood pressure.
Massage helps to deepen the respiratory process, providing a stimulating effect on the walls of the chest and causing a reflex reaction of the nerve endings that nourish the chest area. All this improves the nutrition of body tissues with oxygen, activates the metabolism and fills the body with energy.
Massage, as a rule, increases the tone of the stomach and intestines, thereby improving the digestive process. With reduced secretory function of the digestive system, active massage of the relevant areas of the body is successfully used. And with hyperfunction, massage, on the contrary, has a calming, inhibitory character.
In addition, oriental massages activate the metabolism, helps strengthen the nervous and immune systems, and helps relieve stress.
It should be remembered that the eastern massage system is more a spiritual practice than scientific knowledge. With it, you will find a way to find harmony with yourself, your body and the world around you.

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